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Cansat (2015)

Mission Plan:

The CanSat must fulfil the primary mission of measuring air temperature and barometric pressure and transmit this data over a radio link at a minimum rate of 1Hz, using RF transmission. It will also measure several other variables, including relative humidity, GPS location and acceleration. These data will also be transmitted to the base station.


The main part of the secondary mission - to produce a quadcopter that is able to deploy after launch from the specified dimensions of the CanSat - will use these measurements, as well as a gyroscope. The quadcopter will be used to investigate unknown landscapes. For this, both the array of sensors, and a live camera link will be used.


The quadcopter will be designed to autonomously move to a set of GPS coordinates, but will also be able to be controlled manually. It will possibly be able to return to the launch-site. Finally, we also hope to estimate the relative agricultural viability of the area, by using a predefined algorithm. This could also be used on other planets to find how viable the area could be for cultivation of crops.

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