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Employment & Work Experience

  • Engineering Tecnician Tutor, St. Paul's School, London [August 2017 – August 2018]

    • Sole responsibility for lessons which include workshop tool classes, new boy workshop inductions and CAD/CAM with simulations

    • Plan & manufacture of sample work and parts for lessons

    • Assistant tutor during lessons, focusing on mentoring pupils on design and manufacture

  • Work Experience, Theo Fennell, London [March 2017]

    • Designed and manufacture my own jewellery set of a necklace, earrings and ring from silver

    • Learnt and developed skills in annealing, jewellery design, and laser welding jewellery

  • Intern (paid), MODEM, Design and Architecture Studio, San Francisco [July 2016, June 2015]

    • Practice run by Nicholas deMonchaux, Professor of Architecture, UC Berkeley

    • Assisted in design and sole responsibility for manufacture of 3-D models for art instillations and exhibitions at Mills Hall and MOMA SF; furniture design project for Berkeley Centre for New Media

Competitions & Awards

  • European Space Agency High Altitude EFM Data Project, Svalbard, Norway [2016 – 17]

    • Part of team invited by the ESA, based on previous project work (CanSat) to travel to Svalbard to launch a series of high altitude experiments including an EFM and panoramic livestream within the Artic circle to a height of 130,000ft via systems that we designed and manufactured

    • Specific responsibility for designing and manufacturing the mechanical systems and managing the livestreams during flight

    • Invited to present findings from our experiments at the Young Scientist Journal Conference, Oxford

    • Using the experienced gained from the project, our team ran a competition for students aged 10-16, helping them design experiments and launch them with help from students and Professors from Cambridge University

  • IET Formula 24+, UK [2016-2017]

    • Team member in F24+ challenge, where we designed, manufactured and ‘raced’ an electric car with a standard motor and one set of batteries, with the objective being to travel the furthest distance over a series of races

    • Responsibility for designing and manufacturing the chassis

    • Team progressed to international finals in 2017

  • CanSat Competition, European Space Agency, UK [2015-16]

    • Competed in European Space Agency CanSat competition in which teams design and manufacture a simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drinks can, launched by rocket with equipment on board to record data

    • Team placed 3rd in the UK

  • UK Space Design Challenge, UK Space Agency, Imperial College, London [2015]

    • National finalist 24 hr team challenge in which teams produce and present detailed designs for a mobile space settlement housing 10,000 people, designed to travel powered by solar sails in a cycler orbit between the Earth and Mars in the year 2060, designing for every aspect of the settlement from airlocks to artificial gravity

  • Arkwright Engineering Scholarship [Awarded 2015]

    • Prestigious national award for aspiring Engineers (16 years old) delivering financial assistance and mentoring 

    • Rigorous selection process of design and engineering exam and interviews

    • Subsequently mentored pupils from my school who applied in 2016 and 2017

  • Generation Green, UK [Awarded 2010]

    • One of 20 who won a UK competition be form a youth think tank to draw up a plan and then present at the House of Commons to MPS on developing community sustaiability

    • Subsequently, awarded a South London Heroes award for campaigning for a greater focus on renewable energy solutions in London

Education & Qualifications

University: Cornell, NY, BArch (2023)

Secondary School: St Paul’s School, London (2017)

A levels:       A* Art, A* Engineering EPQ (0.5 A-level equivalent), B Geography, B Maths
AS levels:     A Maths, A Art, B Geography
GCSEs:         5A* (including in Maths, English Lit and English Lang), 4As, 1B 

Central St. Martins School of Art: Life Drawing [2015]
Brown University Summer Programme: Courses taken Invisible Cities and Robot C+ (in which I built the largest robot at the time) [2014]

Voluntary Positions

  • Assistant Watch Leader, Tall Ships Youth Trust [2013-current]

    • Appointed based on performance in 5 day-voyage, role involves taking watch leadership and teaching and mentor new to sailing and less advantaged young people how to sail, and improving their confidence 

  • Marinus of Cowes for the Ellen MacArthur Trust [2015]

    • Initiated, developed and designed a retail brand and rana pop-up stall during Cowes week 2015

    • Sourced, designed and manufactured homeware and gift products

    • Choose to donate all profits to The Ellen MacArthur Trust, generating over £500 in profit in one day

  • Assistant Coach, Battersea Ironsides U11s Rugby Team [2014]

    • Involved in setting up training drills, leading groups of 30 players, and helping young people understand the game (2014)


  • Solidworks

  • Picaxe programing

  • C++ coding

  • Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel 

  • 2D Design

  • ApS-Ethos/Boxford

  • Illustrator/Photoshop

  • Basic HTML

  • Premier pro

  • CircuitLab/Circuit Wizard


  • 6 years of experience working with, and subsequently teaching, a variety of equipment including:

    • CNC Routers

    • Laser Cutters

    • 3D printers

    • Centre lathes

    • Dome blowing/Vacuum forming

  • In process of taking my DATA teaching qualifications

    • Essential H&S for D&T Workshop Technicians S12HS

    • Portable Power Tools S9HS

    • Centre Lathe S2HS

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